Balancing the Character Set, Length and Print Run of Coupon Codes

In coupon campaigns you must balance the character set, the number of characters, and the print run of the coupon codes you use. For example, if your coupon codes are only numeric, have 10 digits, and you print one billion different codes, then you will cover the full spectrum of possible codes. No guessing will be required to arrive at a correct code: all codes will be valid. If you expand your coupons to 11 numeric digits, the chance of guessing a correct code will be one in ten.

You have one chance in 175,711,536 of winning the Jackpot grand prize of the Mega Millions lottery. To have this level of security you must use 19-digit codes. The problem with adding a lot of digits is that customers have to enter that number of digits for each coupon. You can use alphanumeric codes to reduce code length while maintaining the level of security.

Try changing the character set and clicking preview on our online secure code generator to see your codes.

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How to Improve Your Return of Investment with a Secure Coupon Code Generator

We have researched correct and incorrect ways of producing secure codes of variable length. The fruit of this work is our secure code generator software component and ourĀ secure code generator site. These solutions aim to offer a state-of-the-art service with strong security and a higher ROI than in-house development.

There are many costs and risks involved in developing your own custom code generator. Salaries are just one of the costs, and are easily calculable, but if fraud is committed, costs can jump to astonishing heights. In small business campaigns, the cost of fraud may be negligible. However, when well known brands invest large figures in marketing campaigns to reach huge audiences, costs can skyrocket. The cost of fraud includes the damage to the public image of a famous brand. Acquiring a software component or using a secure coupon generator provider is the simplest way to protect your peace of mind.

How long would it take to come up with a secure solution within your organization? Do your employees have the cryptographic knowledge required to build a safe solution? They may be tempted to reduce the problem to the generation of pseudo random codes, but the pseudo random numbers included in programming languages are easily predictable.

Inexperienced developers may also be tempted to do some math to create codes. Do not try this at home! There are many smart people out there who will have fun solving your puzzle and who will eventually figure out how to create valid codes themselves.

Suppose you must generate 100 million codes for your marketing campaign and attempt to protect yourself by using a strong pseudo random number generator. You will have to check your database for each number you generate to see if it already exists since pseudo random numbers can repeat. At our company, we have developed a solution which addresses these issues.

We use cryptography to ensure that the numbers or codes generated are unique. Each user invents his or her own secret key, a kind of password that will be used to generate unique codes. These codes will not have to be stored in a database as long as the key is kept secret.

We invite you to calculate your ROI with and without our products and services. Enter the number of codes that you need and the price will be automatically calculated. If you are planning many campaigns in the short term, it is more cost-effective to acquire our software component. Companies may also purchase the source code for the software component if they so desire.

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